100% Organic Cane Sugar Cotton Candy 2

All Cotton Candy Confections are Made Fresh to Order.  Please allow around 7-10 business days for your order to be made, processed and shipped.

Welcome to Maui Cotton Candy Co., where we bring a taste of paradise to every bite! Established in 2015, our Hawaiian-operated and family-run business is proud to offer over 65 unique flavors of cotton candy, all made with 100% organic sugar. Our handcrafted confections are created using techniques passed down through generations, ensuring each fluffy treat is made with love and care.

Why Choose Maui Cotton Candy Co.?

Organic and Natural Selections:  We use only the finest organic sugar, over 25 flavors are made with natural flavors and colors and the other 40 are made with traditional ingredients reminiscent of old carnival and county fair days. 
Island Inspiration:  Many of our flavors reflect the tropical bounty of Maui, providing an authentic taste of the islands.
Handcrafted Excellence:  Our cotton candy is made by hand, preserving traditional methods and delivering quality in every batch.
Family and Community:  As a Hawaiian-owned and family-operated business, we are deeply rooted in the Maui community and dedicated to sharing our passion for sweet treats with you.

Discover the magic of Maui in every flavor, from classic favorites to exotic tropical blends. Whether for special occasions, events, or simply to satisfy your sweet tooth, Maui Cotton Candy Co. brings a touch of aloha to every moment.